Doris Edwards


Doris Edwards
? – 2006
The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist

  • Enjoyed spending time with friends and family, believed that enjoying life was the key to happiness
  • Was a superb communicator; developed many lifelong friendships and maintained them throughout her lifetime
  • Studied graphic design, oil painting and still life at the New York School of Visual Arts; was an avid photographer
  • Realized her dream of international travel; visited England, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland
  • Found great fulfillment in her involvement with Community Church; felt she’d always been a Unitarian Universalist at heart
  • Began attending General Assembly in the 1980s, occasionally as a delegate, always with her camera – and sometimes a back-up – in tow
  • Amassed a collection of photos over the years that was eventually donated by her family; the collection is currently housed in the Sankofa Special Collection at Meadville Lombard Theological School