In My Sisters’ Gardens: Women’s History Month March 2023

Suggestions for things you can do for your Congregation and Region during Women’s History Month:

  • If you do not already know about or have a membership in these organizations, contact them to subscribe and lend your support to UU women.
    Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation ( email:
    Unitarian Universalist Women’s History and Heritage Society is now part of The UU Studies Network (
  • Visit the National Women’s History Alliance website for additional information about women’s contributions to our cultural heritage, at
  • Research the accomplishments of UU women and create a sermon or talk highlighting these accomplishments.
  • Plan intergenerational events in your covenant or small groups sponsoring discussions or forums about women’s contributions and related issues.
  • Host a party to celebrate the contributions of women and invite local community groups. This creates an opportunity to build relationships with your local battered women’s shelter, women’s centers, women scholars, activists and clergy, along with social justice groups focused on women’s issues.
  • Start a women’s group if your congregation doesn’t currently have one.
  • Purchase books about UU women from inSpirit, the UUA Bookstore and Gift Shop and place them in your congregational library. Or if your congregation doesn’t currently have a library, start one.
  • Research your church archives to discover the women who have been important to your congregation’s history. Then lead oral histories among your charter and senior members discussing these and other women who have contributed to the well-being and life of your congregation. Document this information as part of your congregational history and host additional discussions with this focus.
  • You can contribute letters, papers and special artifacts regarding significant women in your congregation to Meadville Lombard Theological School You can also contribute to several different Women’s Archives or the Sankofa Archives regarding histories of historically marginalized women.
  • Prepare for next year’s Women’s History Month using the above suggestions for an outstanding tribute to UU women and all the women who have helped inspire us and make our lives better!
  • Have a look at our informative “Tending to Unitarian Universalist Women’s Ministries” (from a Black women’s perspective) to find out something you may not have known. Click here to download the PDF: Tending to UU Women’s Ministries