Recovery – Struggling to Grasp the Positive in a Violent World

A message to remember the healing power of love by Rev. Qiyamah A. Rahman.

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Unitarian Universalist Women Writers panel discussion

Interrogating the Gaze of UU Women Writers (click this link to visit our page) features eleven UU women writers highlighting their diverse genres, their motivation for and reflections about writing and Unitarian Universalism. Watch the video and read bios of the participants! Contact them to find out more about their projects!

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How Sister Souurce, Inc. Celebrated Black History Month

We Are Still Here 2024
A Short History of Black Americans in Unitarian Universalism

Read this information-packed worship service presented by Rev. Dr. Rahman on February 18, 2024

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Sister Souurce Conversations to check out:

Searching for Something?
Power of Research as Story Telling & Resistance

Featuring Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, Barbara Corprew, Jim Kelley and Rev. Qiyamah Rahman

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A Fresh Look at History
The Circle of Congregational Historians and Archivists

Featuring Dan McKanan and Erin Aslami with Qiyamah Rahman

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Welcome from Rev. Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman

This website was born out of Unitarian Universalist Black women and girls’ needs and desires for a space, sanctified and made holy by our presence and devoted to our existence.

After years of research about Black UU women, mostly historic personalities, we recognized the even greater marginalization of girls and those who identify as womxn, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary. Our intent is to create with this website a more inclusive community. Here, we amplify our voices and our stories. Here, we make room for an inclusive range of folks to more fully identify and claim the richness of our lives as Black UUs with pride and intentionality.

This website exists because we recognize it is time that Black women and girls (womxn, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary inclusive) seize the opportunity to take charge of the narratives about our lives, our identities and to influence the shaping of an inclusive and accurate discourse of who we are while naming the celebratory and challenging moments in our lives as UUs.

This website allows Black UU women and girls (womxn, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary inclusive) a unique space to gather our stories and voices, to explore our presence in UUism, our accomplishments, our sorrows, our wonderings and wanderings. And to know those who came before us, on whose shoulders we stand, so that we might acknowledge those relationships and connections that sustain us.

In these arduous and challenging times, Black UU women and girls deserve a safe space to bring all of our multiple identities together. This is that space!

Invoking all that is sacred and holy we invite you to explore, contribute and participate.

Rev. Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman

Our Mission

is to act as a catalyst to encourage greater activity around, provide support for, and marshal resources that benefit Black Unitarian Universalist women and girls.

Our Purpose

is to bring about awareness and appreciation of our presence, amplify our voices and narratives, nurture our accomplishments and growth, and bring ourselves into the fullness of our lives.

The Concept

for this website was created by Rev. Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman and implemented with the support and assistance of many other Unitarian Universalists who are dedicated to bringing awareness and appreciation to our movement and denomination about the presence of Black Unitarian Universalist women and girls. This site is a vehicle for learning. We encourage your participation. Join us as we grow.

Your tax-deductible contributions help our 501(c)3 non-profit organization provide the programs we make happen with passion.