This section is dedicated to those Black UU women and girls who have died. In the African tradition it is believed that when loved ones die they continue to watch over us and are available to guide and assist us as Ancestars. We appreciate your patience as it will take time to populate this page. Our Ancestars are presented here in alphabetical order by last name.

We wish to acknowledge the Black Members History Project at All Souls Church Unitarian (click this link to learn more), created by Barbara Corprew, which provided visual inspiration for this page.

Come and grow with us. We invite you to submit names, dates of birth and death, Unitarian Universalist affiliation and a description of the individual’s life (in your own words or published with permission and properly attributed) along with a photograph of the individual (4oo pixels square minimum) so that we might memorialize them on this page, our Altar/Wall of Remembrance. Submit materials on our Submissions page.