Sister Souurce Conversations

Welcome to Sister Souurce Conversations, a series of interviews with Black Unitarian Universalist women and girls doing ordinary and extraordinary things in their congregations, in their communities and in the world. Their work spans time and space across decades and locations.

Some of these important voices will be “firsts” (such as our early Black women ministers). Some of these important voices will be unsung superstars, quietly shining their light to improve the lives of those around them while transforming the world in small ways, making a difference.

We invite you to participate. If you wish to be interviewed, or know of someone we should interview, please drop us a note via the contact us pageTell us what you are doing that the world needs to know about. If you wish to submit for consideration an interview you have conducted, please see our submissions page.

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List of Interviews (click a title below to visit a specific page)

Collecting Stories from Black Unitarian Universalist Women – an interview coinciding with the January 25, 2023 publication of the anthology The Rough Side of the Mountain: Black Women’s Ministries in Unitarian Universalism

Rev. Dr. Yvonne Seon, the first ordained and fellowshipped Black woman Unitarian Universalist minister – posted December 2022

Barbara Corprew, All Souls Church Black Members History Project Creator – posted October 2022

Marva E. Williams, PhD, Member of the UUA 2023 Presidential Search Committee – posted October 2022

Historic Gathering of First Black UU Clergy Women – conversation from September 2022

Meadville Lombard Theological School Interviews Rev. Dr. Qiyamah Rahman on Collecting Stories from Black Unitarian Universalist Women – an article from June 2020