Black Guurls Space

Hello and Welcome, Girls!

We want this to be a space for Black UU girls to play and slay, to show up as yourselves – brilliant, fun loving, and sassy. In this safe place you can explore all of who you are and who you are becoming. If you like to write, draw, and create and you are a girl from 5 to 12 years old we want you to share your stories.

Ask your grown-ups (parents or guardians) to read the information below and help you get started. Thank you!

This is Me

Do you like to read about other girls and what they are doing? Are you curious and like to understand other girls’ lives and their interests? Now you can send in your story and share with other little girls the things you like and also read what they like and how they spend their time. Eight-year-old Malia has shared her This is Me, Malia story and writes about the kinds of things she likes and does. We would love to hear from you. Please ask your grown-ups to help you by reading the information below.

This is Us, Taiye + Kehinde, twins

NEW FRIENDS! It’s always a good time to make new friends. We are so excited to introduce you to Taiye and Kehinde. Visit their page in Black Guurls Space: This is Us, Taiye + Kehinde, twins.

Adventure Awaits

Life is sometimes exciting and sometimes boring. It is sometimes happy and sometimes sad.  And sometimes you might have different feelings and emotions that you want to express and share. Everyone has different ways to express their feelings and girls are no different. Some girls like to sing their feelings out in song. Some girls like to shout them out in sports. Some get quiet and withdraw to think and be alone. And some like to write their feelings and ideas out. This section invites you to share your stories about whatever you want to write about. It can be make believe or real life. It can be a happy story or a sad story or both. It can be about whatever you want to write about. Eight-year-old Malia lives in Virginia with her mother and father. Her grandmother is Nana Qiyamah who also likes to write. Malia agreed to write a story for Adventure Awaits: Fireball the Dragon. She also added drawings. We hope you like it. Ask your grown-ups to help you get started by reading the information below.

Message to Grown-Ups (Parents or Guardians)

We want this to become a gathering place for the collective presence and voices of Black UU girls to play and slay, and to show up as their brilliant, compassionate, fun loving, sassy and fierce selves — a safe non-judgmental place to explore all of who they are and who they are evolving to be. If your child is a girl from 5 to 12 years old and likes to write, draw and create, we invite you to help them share their stories.

Children will need help from their grown-ups (parents or guardians) to read the guidelines, fill out the submission application, sign an agreement giving permission to publish their work, and send in their stories and images for consideration. Please click the button below to download the Child Safety Guidelines (PDF document) and read it before you begin. Please also review our Call and Guidelines for Submission.

Thank you!

Black Guurls Space Submission Form
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