This is Me, Malia

Hello, my name is Malia. I am 8 years old. My favorite sport is football, basketball and soccer. My favorite place is the beach. My favorite animal is puppy. My birthday is in January. I love Pokemon so much and also I wish I could spend time with you [Nana Qiyamah]. The end.

Adventure Awaits: Fireball the Dragon

Fireball the Dragon by Malia

Once upon a time there lived some dragons. There was a baby. His name was Fireball. Fireball was very small. He went outside. Fireball found all kinds of bugs. He wished to be bigger. Then that’s when he saw hunters. The hunters saw him. They started to chase him. Fireball ran as fast as he can. Then he spotted a cave. He went inside and found out it was full of bats! He ran out of the cave. Then he saw something up ahead. It was a nest. All his friends were there. Then something happened. Fireball started to get bigger and bigger. His wish came true. He was so happy to be big and to be back home. The end.

Fireball the Dragon drawing by Malia