Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson

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Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson
September 7, ____ – November 28, 2020

Unitarian Universalist Association’s Central East Region

Hope Johnson was a beloved elder in Unitarian Universalism. She served as the Congregational Life Consultant for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Central East Region and the Southern Region. Hope joined the Central East Region team in 2015. Her areas of expertise and service were extensive. Hope was the primary contact to congregations in Brooklyn and Long Island; she was the region’s go-to person for conflict transformation. She was embedded in racial justice efforts, and she spent untold hours with congregants, religious professionals, leaders of color, supporting them and the work of the region and the UUA—helping unravel church life’s stickiest situations. She brought specialties in conflict resolution and multicultural congregational development. Hope was very open in sharing her skills, gifts and insights with everyone and she left a legacy with each of us so that we carry a piece of her with us in our ministry in the region.

She was also the former minister of UU Congregation of Central Nassau, New York, where she served for 15 years. Previously, she served as minister of spiritual life at the First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, New York and director of religious education at the First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, New York. She also brought a wealth of experience from her years of wider UUA leadership, including the UUA Appointments Committee, the UUA Nominating Committee, the UUMA Continental Good Offices team, and a variety of UU College of Social Justice leadership positions, just to name a few.